Segmentation fault when calling dbus from java. Need help

Andrejus Chaliapinas a.chaliapinas at
Thu Apr 17 22:04:12 PDT 2008

> > Same when I close DBusViewer, so it seems persistent on socket close
> > operation:
> Ah, yeah ,I have a pending fix for that. It'll be in the 0.7 release
> Real Soon Now. You can ignore it if you only close the socket when your
> program was exiting anyway, and I'll (hopefully) fix it soon

It's not my program :) It's the program from dbus-java package distribution.
And until it (sample!) doesn't work without single crash even at the exiting
phase - I can't use whole package, period. Hope "Real Soon Now" in your
terms means not later than today's evening, right? :)

Please let me know. In the meantime I'll try to rebuild C code of C based
latest dbus 1.2.1 and maybe will find another bug in C code, because of
which I have another crash (see initial message in this thread) in JNI
layer. Who knows...

Thank you,

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