One question in regards to dbus/messgebus user

Andrejus Chaliapinas a.chaliapinas at
Fri Apr 18 11:52:54 PDT 2008


If I build and install Dbus from sources (like v1.2.1) and user 'dbus' is
already present - should I follow this Wiki page and use that user instead
of specified 'messagebus' user? Or 'messagebus' user should be created

Just want to be sure I'm not creating any non required system users.

Also - why I could find dbus related files in both /usr/bin and /bin
directories? What is the difference between them? For example
dbus-x11-1.1.2-9.fc8 has /usr/bin/dbus-launch in it and in dbus-1.1.2-9.fc8
we have /bin/dbus-daemon. Does it mean that X11 is client part and thus uses
/usr/bin catalog instead of /bin used for boot time services startup?

If there is something related to dbus inside usr/local/bin by error - should
that be removed to not interfere with dbus utilities usage?

Sorry for some sort of newbie questions - just trying to make sure I
understand whole load process to troubleshoot further possible SELinux
security issues.

Btw, I've switched back to dbus-1.1.2-9.fc8, but need to debug it? Could you
tell me which sources tar corresponds to it, cause I need to add some debug

Thank you,

P.S. Matthew libraries patch now seems to be working along with dbus-java,
so my big thanks to him for fixing that quickly. But still conversion of
mine Java-JNI samples to pure Java could take some time and I want to be
sure first it's not my code, which breaks.

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