If I get segfault on dbus-daemon after same version custombuild - what should I do?

Andrejus Chaliapinas a.chaliapinas at infosana.com
Sat Apr 19 03:59:41 PDT 2008

> From: John (J5) Palmieri [mailto:johnp at redhat.com]
> You have most likely missconfigured the upstream build. Please look at
> the spec file to see how we compile in Fedora.  Also there was another
> thread in the last couple of days which I explained why upstream and
> Fedora are slightly different.

No, I didn't misconfigure it. I've just added "printf" statements into code,
but forgot to add "#include <stdio.h>". Thus it compiled by some reason (not
sure why it doesn't catch that situation) and only failed during system
startup (segmentation fault on such situation seems very strange as well).

By the way - in Java we usually have tons of 

if (log.isDebugEnabled()) 
{output something}

for easy troubleshooting (just one setting change in logging configuration
and you see much better picture of internals), but I don't see that inside
Dbus code. Could I ask why? Having in mind that it's important inter-process
communication layer it would be very handy in debugging.


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