dbus-java v2.4 distribution misses introspect.dtd file?

Andrejus Chaliapinas a.chaliapinas at infosana.com
Mon Apr 21 02:01:49 PDT 2008

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> Andrejus Chaliapinas wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >While trying various utilities from dbus-java v2.4 package and
> > especially DBusViewer - sometimes I get exception that "introspect.dtd"
> > file was not found. Why it's not included into distribution?
> Please don't hijack threads. When you post to a mailing list on a new
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Well, ok, will try. But, honestly, I don't see any normal search through
archives on this page: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/dbus/. Only
Google search button, but not button with title "Search through thread/year"
(for example, my posted message with subject "Segmentation fault when
calling dbus from java. Need help" on April 17 is not in any of search
results). That's why keeping thread to be shown correctly on the web was
useless so far for me, unless you could point me to normal mailing list
archive searching UI.

Also I don't know how you guys have configured your mailing list, cause
"From:" address is always shown as "dbus-bounces at lists.freedesktop.org" on
behalf of someone and pressing just Reply results in a message to be
addressed only to one Author and not to the whole list. Believe me  - I
participate in many other mailing lists and in them pressing Reply results
in a message to be addressed to whole list right after that action. Sounds
like mailing list misconfiguration for me.

> To answer your question: because the file is useless. It doesn't validate
> valid messages and, as far as I remember my analysis, it's not possible
> to do that with a DTD.

It could be useless only in case no one piece of provided software tries to
utilize it. And while it's not the case here - I could say only opposite,
cause sample utility throws exceptions and for me (from end user
perspective) it sounds only as bug (documentation, packaging, whatever).


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