How to start any D-Bus service automatically

mehdi bayarassou mehdibayarassou at
Tue Apr 22 00:37:57 PDT 2008


> what kind of bus are you using ? System or session ?
I wrote a code where i connect to the bus in which i call the method ( i'm
new on dbus i don't really know if  i'm connecting on the system bus or the
session one)

> The systembus may not be enabled to start services in the configfile.
> See /etc/dbus-1/session.conf.
> The filename should be "something.service"

i create a file "myApp.service"and i put it /usr/share/dbus-1/services

> What is the username of the bus ? This user has to have access rights r-x
> on /home/user1/Desktop/myApp

I have another question is there any possibility to call a method directly.
In my code i check if there is a method call and i test for the right
interface and method then i execute a code. Can I just call a method and the
code is executed?

> Thank you in advance
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