System Bus traffic load

gaurav gaurav.roy at
Tue Apr 22 21:50:33 PDT 2008

        I am using the system bus for multiple applications and
        One of these applications is extremely heavy in terms of number
        and size of messages (something like downloading all contacts
        from a contact book). 
        In case, this heavy application is active and say sending "x"
        messages across the dbus-daemon, will an important message by
        another application be head of line blocked by this heavy load
        on the dbus-daemon. 
        I think the dbus-daemon may become the bottleneck, in forwarding
        messages, depending on the message scheduling.
        What is the message scheduling scheme in the dbus-daemon? 
        Single FIFO across all the different clients or round robin?
        If its round-robin, then the heavy application doesn't block the
        other important application messages on the bus.
Gaurav Roy..

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