how to use dbus_connection_open

Wilson Khoo wilson_ua at
Wed Apr 23 06:25:58 PDT 2008

I have no problem using dbus_bus_get on a session bus. I run dbus-monitor and I can see the registration going on. when I send a message it did show in the dbus-monitor that it get the message.

I will check if there is some kind of firewall in Ubuntu.
looking below now.

thank you John for being so patient with a newbie.


>Have you tried setting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS, using dbus_bus_get and
>seeing if you get the same results?  You should also put your bus in
>verbose mode to see if it is receiving the message.  You may need to
>compile D-Bus with verbose mode on.  To run in verbose mode set
>DBUS_VERBOSE=1 and run dbus with the --nofork switch.  Also check to see
>if your firewall is blocking messages.

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