getting all objects by a service

thomas dbus at
Mon Apr 28 02:59:26 PDT 2008

My Use Case, thats a long story. I tried to combine d-bus service with 
web services so that you can use local services as web services. 
Therefor I transform the introspect into an wsdl data. The endpoint of 
the service is an url to the server with the asked object. Example: the 
asked object is com/example/calObject so the url is 
http://localhost/com/example/calObject. Now if a Request is send to the 
url then I have to call the service that provides this object to send 
the request to this Objcet. And therefor i need a way to find a service 
by an object. My solution was to check all service if there is such an 
objcet and then use it. Is there a better way?

Thanks for help
Thiago Macieira schrieb:
> On Monday 28 April 2008 10:55:01 thomas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there a possibility in python to get all Objectnames that a service
>> provides if you have the servicename?
> No. You have to call each and every object in the hierarchy and ask for their 
> child objects. That's what qdbus does when you tell it to inspect a given 
> service name.
> That's a reasonable action for a user-interactive tool whose job is to inspect 
> objects anyways.
> It is NOT reasonable for a program to do that on its own. Many services do not 
> reply correctly when introspected, some do not reply at all. Some services 
> could support the concept of "virtual objects", with hundreds or thousands of 
> objects registered and created on-demand.
> So, I have to ask: what is your use-case? You're asking a question because 
> you're coming up with a solution, but you have not presented the original 
> problem.

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