Full introspection of all services in dbus + signal subscribers

smog zer smogzer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 13:19:27 PDT 2008

Hello everybody,

I was wondering how it would be possible do get a list of all the
services and their signals subscribers running on a bus.

I've researched and found that i could ask the org.freedesktop.Dbus to
ListAll services, and then call the introspect interface on each one
of them, but that still would not give me the signal subscribers and
will only work for services with the introspection interface.

What would i need to do to access the signal subscribers/listeners ?
I'm using the dbus-c++ bindings if that can help.

Thanks in advance, bye.

João Xavier
@ smogzer_at_gmail.com
W3 http://miarn.cjb.net
Institute for Systems and Robotics
University of Coimbra

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