returning a struct with dbus-glib bindings?

Nick Welch nick at
Thu Dec 4 14:34:56 PST 2008

Now here's something curious:

It seems to say that you can pass in G_TYPE_INT for an int16 argument, and it
will be converted into an int16.  It says "Will be changed to a G_TYPE_INT16
once GLib has it" (which is odd, just a typo I guess, because there is no
G_TYPE_INT16).  But maybe it just means int16 as far as dbus is concerned...
nope.  I figured out how to get a struct of ints working, and that's great, but
if I put (qq) as the out argument in my xml file and return a struct of two
uint32s, it just shows up on the other end as two uint32s.  Bummer.

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