Watches and main loops

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Mon Feb 4 23:45:17 PST 2008

Marcin ‘Qrczak’ Kowalczyk wrote:
>Eh, I got no responses...
>Let me repeat one of the questions which matters the most:
>> dbus_watch_get_flags() is documented to return a subset of
>> DBUS_WATCH_READABLE and DBUS_WATCH_WRITABLE. Is it true that it always
>> contains either DBUS_WATCH_READABLE or DBUS_WATCH_WRITABLE, but not
>> both? It seems to be true in practice, and there is a rationale
>> (either direction can be toggled independently, assuming that a watch
>> never changes its flags once created, and I am making use of this
>> assumption).
>> If it was always true and documented as such, then I could make a
>> minor simplification in my binding code. Actually I already make a
>> minor violation: if dbus_watch_get_flags() lists both directions
>> (which I suppose is impossible) and fd is ready in both directions,
>> then I make two dbus_watch_handle() calls, each reporting only one
>> direction.

If it's not documented as such, do not assume as much.

Therefore, be prepared for one single watch on the same fd to be both used 
for read and write watching.

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