New release of dbus-java (2.4)

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Tue Feb 5 04:19:47 PST 2008

I have just released dbus-java 2.4. Things of note:

  * Builds with free toolchain
  * BSD/Mac OSX support 
  * Assorted bug fixes
  * Many speedups 
  * i18n support

Full changelog:

Version 2.4:

        * Add DBusMemberName to force method names or signal names to something
          other than the Java name (suggested byaViktar Vauchkevich <vctr -at-
          yandex -dot- ru>)
        * Don't respond to Introspect/Ping except on the right interface 
          (pointed out by Serkan Kaba <serkan_kaba -at- yahoo -dot- com>)
        * Automatically unexport objects which go out of scope in the 
          parent program (don't hold a strong reference). This is now
          optional and not the default for 1. sanity and 2. a possible
          bug in the WeakReference workings in Sun.
        * Add fallback objects---a single object can be called for any
          object under a given path prefix.
        * Add support for localization of strings via gettext.
        * Throw a nicer error when signals are not declared as part of an
        * .viewerclasses needs to depend on .binclasses
        * Use libunixsocket-java support for writing multiple byte arrays at 
          once to write message vectors
        * check that the unix-socket-received uid matches for connections to 
        * Update to use libunixsocket-java syntax which works on BSDs
        * Fix utf-8 characters used in test to actually be the same character...
        * Add code to preallocate the buffer array array (Suggested by Adam
          Bennett <cruxic -at- gmail -dot- com>)
        * Fix warnings when building with gcj (fixes a bug in Peer handling and
          DBusSerializable handling)


D-Bus Java
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