Making asynchronous calls

Robert Rawlins robert_rawlins at
Thu Feb 7 08:34:31 PST 2008

Simon McVittie Wrote:
> What you're missing is that I'm using timeout_add as a silly fake> example of a way to get a callback called later.
Ok I see, that makes sense, its a spoofed delay, I see what you mean by that now, thanks.
> where is an asynchronous API provided by the library> you're calling into.
Ok, so perhaps this is the problem, it doesn't look as if the method call I'm calling against on my API is asynchronous, it doesn't return a value straight away or accept a callback argument, it just processes and returns the value in a synchronous manor. The API I'm making calls too is another DBUS interface, apparently with some functions being asynchronous, unfortunately the one in particular that I'm calling, isn't.
I might have to go down the route of spawning some type of threading on this to see if I can get something working. What would be your suggestion on how to implement threading into my service to try and mock the asynchronous call?
Sorry for all the questions flying at you Simon, I really appreciate the help,
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