Making asynchronous calls

Robert Rawlins robert_rawlins at
Thu Feb 7 08:58:27 PST 2008

Hi Simon
> If your service is itself making a D-Bus call as a client (i.e. it's some> sort of proxy), note that all D-Bus method calls (in dbus-python and dbus-glib> at least) can be made synchronously or asynchronously, regardless of how the> service is implemented.
This is correct, my service is essentially a proxy for another service, it adds a little additional business logic which parses some XML and what not. So, what you are suggesting here is that within my service, I call my 3rd party service in the same way in which I call my own service from my client? (wow that was confusing). So effectively I can call a synchronous service, in an asynchronous manor, is that correct?
Failing that then you're probably right, a worker thread might work, either that or kick the guys who built the original library and try fixing it so its a asynchronous call.
Thanks mate,
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