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Fri Feb 8 04:28:01 PST 2008

Player daemon has implemented dbus service, using dbus-glib bindings,
which provides usual MPRIS like methods e.g playpause/stop/quit/mute etc.

Now as the dbus-glib client apis has to be called from PHP backend to
control the player-daemon, and as we can't directly
call dbus-glib exported apis in PHP, we either need to develop
PHP-dbus bindings or to import dbus-glib through SWIG tool and create

OR the other approach is to wrap the player-client in shared library
which use dbus-glib to control player daemon, hiding dbus-glib apis,
which again
get imported through SWIG and use as normal shared library.

Please suggest the approach, as I am sure, some one must have come
across the similar problem.

--Trilok Soni

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