Dbus Object Extension/Inheritance in Python

Curtis Maloney cmaloney at cardgate.net
Wed Feb 13 14:02:08 PST 2008

Robert Rawlins wrote:
> Hello Chaps,
> I've got a few classes in a dbus library which I want to add additional 
> functionality too and wanted to get your opinions on the best way to do 
> this. Generally when working with standard Python classes I would simply 
> inherit from the base class, however, I wonder if this is possible from 
> a dbus object? or should I be looking at creating proxy objects or using 
> a decorator pattern?

The limitation I ran into is that the published methods are all 
decorated, so you can't replace them directly on an inherited model. 
I've no idea what would happen if you tried and decorated them with the 
same interface.

We work around this by making the exposed methods just call do_FOO 

Curtis Maloney
cmaloney at cardgate.net

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