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Macartney, Geoff gmacartney at tycoint.com
Tue Feb 19 04:06:02 PST 2008



I'm using the low level API to dbus (working on an embedded platform).
What cleanup do I need to do when shutting down, to prevent any resource
leaks? My programs open a connection to the system bus, and I'm assuming
I need to call dbus_connection_unref on the connection when I'm done
with it. But what about the following?


If I've added matches to the connection using dbus_bus_add_match, do I
need to explicitly remove them with dbus_bus_remove_match before I unref
the connection?


If I've added handlers for object paths using
dbus_connection_register_fallback or
dbus_connection_register_object_path, do I need to remove them using
dbus_connection_unregister_object_path before I unref the connection?


Are there any other cleanup actions I should be thinking about?



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