dbus cleanup question

Macartney, Geoff gmacartney at tycoint.com
Thu Feb 21 08:35:46 PST 2008


I think I'm ok there - here's a précis of my test program:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        // ...snip... inits
        conn = dbus_bus_get(DBUS_BUS_SYSTEM, &error);
        if (conn == NULL) {
                printf("Error: %s\n", error.message);
                return 1;
        // don't exit on disconnect
        dbus_connection_set_exit_on_disconnect(conn, FALSE);
        // snip... set watch functions/handlers for messages & add matches

        while (! stop) {
            // ...snip... does a poll and calls dispatch to message
            // handlers, one of which will set the "stop" flag on receipt 
            // of a Disconnected message

        printf("Terminating now\n");


Does that look all right?



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On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 11:09 AM, Macartney, Geoff
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> I've tried things out with a small test program, just calling
>  dbus_bus_get once, and I still get the same result.

The key, though, is to be sure you unref() the connection from
dbus_bus_get() before you shutdown(). Also, be sure you try a newer
dbus (or scan ChangeLog for fixes related to this and apply any
related patches to your older version).


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