dbus exit on disconnect and glib

Frederic Dalleau Frederic.Dalleau at access-company.com
Thu Feb 21 16:36:42 PST 2008

> >  Can someone please confirm if an inconsistency is detected (due to
> > multithreading) that dbus will exit?
> >

> How could we possibly do that? Threading without locks will cause
> hundreds of unpredictable segfaults,...

I agree with you, but now even if 20 retries have not shown the issue, i must be sure.
Any input will help. A library which exits without notifying me is, mmm, annoying.
And to my defense, i'm not the original writer of the code ;)

Do you think this scenario is possible:
A program uses two threads, two proxies and one connection.
It sends messages without lock. The system bus receives mixed data, this is invalid : only choice is disconnection.
The client then exit.
Could it be what happened?
And bonus question : Is it possible to use two connections?

Thanks for helping.
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