Licensing way forward

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Fri Feb 29 03:53:38 PST 2008

John (J5) Palmieri schrieb:
> Since we can't move licenses due to not being able to track down the
> Codefactory IP (let this be a lesson to other projects) 
I haven't found any thread in dbus which related to a contact person of 
codeFactory and it may by already known, but in there is a 
formcer ceo of CodeFactory listed.

"Patrik Fransson has 15 years of experience in this business area, and 
has had a number of leading roles in WM-data, been CIO for H&M Hennes & 
Mauritz (1997-2000), and CEO for the Open Source company CodeFactory AB 

May be this helps a little bit.


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