Dbus and pam_group.so don't understand each other

Dariem Pérez Herrera dariemp at uci.cu
Wed Jan 23 10:54:43 PST 2008

I don't see how PolicyKit and ConsoleKit can help. Could you explain me a little bit more? I was reviewing /etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf . I saw there are policies for group plugdev correctly set. I add a policy for "domain users" and it worked while the network was connected. On network failure this group is lost, and again domain users can't mount pluggable devices till restarting dbus. I think the solution should be to use a function like getgrent() for obtaining the groups from the group database through the NSS mechanism existing in glibc, but just for a given specific user and not for the calling process user. I'm not familiar with dbus source code (not yet). Can somebody point me where do I should look to fix this? Or if is there any patch solving the problem following this idea?



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> That won't help. The system bus obviously isn't in the user session, so
> it
> won't get the session specific groups.
> The long-term solution is to use PolicyKit and ConsoleKit for this kind
> of
> functionality.
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