Universal standard mapping between D-Bus and URI namespaces

Anders Feder lists.anders at feder.dk
Tue Jul 1 20:07:32 PDT 2008

tir, 01 07 2008 kl. 20:04 +0100, skrev Simon McVittie:
> A name like org.freedesktop.Avahi or org.gnome.ScreenSaver is not a "bus",
> it's a "bus name" (more specifically, a "well-known bus name"), so use
> /bus-name/ or something.

Right, my bad. Lets go with 'bus-name' for now.

> (Irrelevant: What's going on with the U+FEFF "zero-width no-break space"
> characters in the middle of your message?)

I don't see any such characters? My mail looks fine on the archive page
as well?

Anders Feder <lists.anders at feder.dk>

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