Find out object paths

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Wed Jul 2 06:16:00 PDT 2008

Hi Matthew,

> > if the service itself supports introspection, then the simples way is to
> > use d-feet, but introspection is optional. If it is not available, then
> > the only option is to check the source code of the service.
> > 
> Introspection is _not_ optional. Any service not implementing it is a
> _bug_

fair enough, but it is kinda unrealistic that low-level libdbus client
are going to support introspection. At least not in an easy way. For
BlueZ, obexd and ConnMan, I am using libgdbus. Avahi is sending out the
content of a file from the filesystem (which results in no object path
hierarchy). All the other services based on libdbus are simply not
introspection capable.

And this will not change since the dependency chain of GObject or Qt are
not acceptable to a lot of low-level service daemons. Best example would
be wpa_supplicant which simply uses D-Bus filter callbacks only.



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