Dbus-Pytthon: Exception Handling

Heston James - Cold Beans heston.james at coldbeans.co.uk
Fri Jul 4 05:07:10 PDT 2008

Good afternoon All,


I'm after some advice on exception handling when using dbus-python. I don't
publish my own service onto the bus, we purely consume services published by
other applications.


How do you deal with exception handling in an application like this? do you
place all calls to the bus objects in try/except blocks? or just the methods
which connect you to objects and interfaces?


I'd also be keen to learn what exceptions types can be thrown by calls to
objects on the bus? Should I be catching specific exceptions or just the
generic 'Exception' type. I've done a little hunting around on google but
couldn't really find any solid documentation on these kinds of things.


I just want to get things as robust as possible.


Many thanks guys,


Heston James

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