DbusExecutionException when calling a Method on an RemotObject

Matthew Johnson dbus at matthew.ath.cx
Thu Jul 10 08:04:10 PDT 2008

On Thu Jul 10 08:00, hannehomuth wrote:

> As I sad in the Mail before, if I uses the same wrapper classes in my own
> written socket server everything worked fine, But if I call this native
> methods on my dbus RemoteObject I always get an DbusExecutionException. But
> I have to say the sayHello Method, which has nothing todo with the wrapper
> works.!?! I could think the wrapper is wrong but as I already sad it worked
> with the socket server. So does anyone know why this damm exception comes,
> and how to fix that? 

a DBusExecutionException is raised when the remote method returns some
sort of error. Without the text of the error message there's not a lot I
can do to help, but I would expect that your methods on the service are
throwing some sort of exception.


D-Bus Java
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