int[] as an argument of a Remote Method

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Wed Jul 16 08:40:35 PDT 2008

On Wed Jul 16 08:13, hannehomuth wrote:

> Hi there I think I've found the problem. Could it be that one Dbus Service
> could only support a well known number of methods?. Because my method did'nt
> work, I'd comment out all other methods, and look, there it worked. I
> comment in one method after the other because I wanted to test if any other
> method causes the crash. And it worked until I comment out the last method
> (or in?? I deleted the /* ..... */ block :-)). If the number of methods in
> my service raises to 15 it will not work anymore, because I get an Error
> "the object /de/sourcepark/dbus/PicoLcd is not provided by any services". Is
> this a known bug or is only a specified size of memory allocated by the
> system for a service? 
There is no such limit.


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