Recive Signals in Python when Service was written in Java

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Fri Jul 18 08:00:14 PDT 2008

On Fri Jul 18 07:51, hannehomuth wrote:
> (service.., whatever). My Question  is which name the signal has. Is it the
> classname of the signal in java or is there something special?

The signal class will be a member class for an interface extending
DBusInterface in some package. Assuming you have not overrided the
interface or signal names, then the DBus interface name will be
$JAVAPACKAGE.$JAVAINTERFACE and the signal name will be

So, in your case the signal name will be KeyPressedSignal and if
it were declared in the Bar interface in the package foo, the DBus
interface name would be foo.Bar.

> 	bus.add_signal_receiver(catchall_testservice_interface_handler,
> dbus_interface = "de.sourcepark.PicoLcd", signal_name = "KeyPressedSignal")

I don't know the python bindings, but that looks plausible. This implies
that the rest of the Java source file looks like:

package de.sourcepark;

interface PicoLcd extends DBusInterface {


   class KeyPressedSignal extends DBusSignal {



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