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Heston James - Cold Beans heston.james at
Sat Jul 19 10:04:22 PDT 2008

Good afternoon Chaps,


I'm using dbus-python to consume a 3rd party service, which is developed in
C. After using the service for a short while this afternoon I started to
notice I was getting an exception thrown by dbus when trying to connect to
signals on the objects. The exception was stating that the match pair limits
had been exceeded.


I'm not really familiar with the match pair limit and what would cause it to
be exceeded. Is this likely to be something I'm doing wrong with the python
application which is causing the connections to not be released? Or is it
more likely to be something in the service I'm consuming?


The method in which I'm connecting to the signals would seem to be fairly
common, right?



        self.session.connect_to_signal("Closed", self.__closed_cb)


I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this, with any luck it won't be a
major one to trace down.





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