ANNOUNCE: dbus-python 0.83.0

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at
Wed Jul 23 10:01:21 PDT 2008

dbus-python 0.83.0, the "are we nearly there yet?" release.

git: git:// commit 81d0dcd


* Add bindings for DBusServer (thanks to Mathias Hasselmann, Huang Peng;
  fd.o #14322, #15514).

* Omit the service's traceback from certain D-Bus errors: specifically, those
  that were probably deliberately raised as part of an API. Subclasses
  of DBusException that indicate programmer error can turn the traceback
  back on if it seems likely to be useful.


* Don't emit spurious Error messages if libdbus gives object-path handlers
  a message that isn't a method call (most likely because of binding to a
  locally emitted signal, as in fd.o #14199).

* Make multiple filters added by Connection.add_message_filter work
  (fd.o #15547, thanks to Huang Peng).

* Make the API docs build correctly when out-of-tree

* Require dbus 1.0 so we can get rid of DBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE

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