Connection drops

Havoc Pennington hp at
Sat Jul 26 07:35:56 PDT 2008


On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 9:01 AM, João Valverde <backup95 at> wrote:
> I'm getting random disconnects from D-Bus. What I mean is my process
> works fine broadcasting signals but after a while (some hours usually),
> with increasing likelihood, it gets silently dropped from the daemon for
> no apparent reason.

Most likely you are sending not-well-formed data; the most common
reason is sending invalid UTF-8 as a DBUS_TYPE_STRING. Another
possible problem is invalid object paths or interface names.


The fix described in the list archives above would be good, also more
_dbus_return_if_fail() could be added to try to catch this stuff.
Though UTF-8 validating all strings is expensive, it could be worth

> Is this normal or a bug in my code? Should I expect rock solid
> connectivity or just try work around any (inevitable?) errors and
> reconnect to dbus-daemon?

For a local (non-TCP / unix domain socket) dbus connection, there is
no reason the connection should ever drop unless there is a bug in
something. In fact most apps just exit if the dbus connection drops.


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