An Interface for the communication between Web Services and theD-Bus system

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Hi Thomas,
I am interested in this Web Services and D-Bus Communication System.
I would like to develop one application which will interact with
Cell/Mobile devices which supports Web application with supported D-Bus
We can transmit the messages wireless using Bluetooth to Remote Mobile
Devices supported Web Application trough D-Bus.\
I am referring the source code provided, I will definately reply.
Thanks & Best Regards,

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Hi Thomas! I am very intersted in your project - because recently, I
created a Bot in Secondlife which can be controlled via web services...
thus, having dbus exposed to webservices and communicating with them can
be very useful! However, I havent been able to get dbus working properly
on my web server.

Thanks for this submission

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 2:47 AM, thomas <dbus at> wrote:

	Hello to everyone,
	in addition to my diploma thesis I wrote an interface for the
	communication between web services and the D-Bus system. So a
	client can request to a web service and a web service client can
	to a D-Bus service.
	For example if you have a local write application with no own
	checker but with an interface to a local spell checker D-Bus
	then you can use the interface to use an web service spell
checker (this
	is maybe more up-to-date) instead of the local one without
	anything at your write application. Or an other example is that
you have
	a local D-Bus service to write notices on your desktop (tomboy
	example) and you are not on your computer but you want to write
	notice(maybe your are on business and if you come home you look
at your
	computer for todays todos) then you can use the D-Bus service as
a web
	service and write a notice to your desktop over the internet.
Therefor I
	write an interface. Everyone who is interested in can download
	source code (including tests examples and readme) from
	Please give me feedback. What is your opinion to such an
	Thank you
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