About performance of D-Bus

Markku Savela msa at moth.iki.fi
Wed Nov 5 06:58:12 PST 2008

> From: "Jerome Philbert" <jerome.philbert at gmail.com>

> Finally, your suggestions for optimizing speed, consist in removing
> security and check from DBus, what is contrary to the interest of
> D-Bus, especially if it is designed for an open platform.

Aren't we looking at situation:

 client --> D-Bus Daemon --> Server
         (1)             (2)

Wouldn't some speedup be achieved by

(1) For passed messages, D-Bus daemon only checks the parts it needs
in delivering them messages to destinations (e.g. only check the
header information, pass the payload arguments as is).

(2) On receiving side, the server actually utilizing the message
payload, would do the full check in library.

Analogue with internet: routers (D-Bus daemon) only need to look IP
header, and only the end-nodes need to parse the full upper layer
protocols. (Ignoring for the moment all the deep inspection routers,
firewalls and other spying devices on the path :-)

Of course, then you could not set filters based on actual payload
fields (assuming that is currently doable at all?)

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