Using DBus Daemon with TCP and ANONYMOUS authorization

Havoc Pennington hp at
Mon Nov 17 15:42:29 PST 2008


Not sure, but the way I think it should work on TCP is that reading
credentials succeeds (returns true / doesn't set error) but returns
empty credentials. The connection should not be dropped in this case.

Then the dbus-daemon code should be able to work with a DBusConnection
that has no UID set.

Setting UID of the daemon is not right.

When adding <allow_anonymous/> was discussed on the list, I remember
raising the question of whether the dbus-daemon code would in fact
work on a DBusConnection that did not have a UID set. This was one of
the main issues with such a patch. I don't know if anyone actually
investigated this before applying the patch. I'm guessing the patch
also has no unit test, and that nobody tested it with TCP.

So it's possible the patch just doesn't work, or that TCP just doesn't
work. Just a matter of debugging it. (And perhaps adding a unit test.)


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