Blocking behavior of synchronous calls

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So, this binding (dbind) wouldn't be suitable for regular use, correct?

Thus far, I've been a bit put-off by the Glib binding due to (at least
initially) the apparent complexity of all the Glib/GObject related
scaffolding etc...

I'm investigating using DBUS on an resource constrained embedded
platform (running QNX) where most of the developers have no experience
with Glib. The DBUS C++ binding looked nice (fairly clean and compact)
but it appears to be incomplete (e.g. no asynchronous calls, or
generated asynchronous service stubs). Would you care to offer any
recommendations for a thin/lightweight DBus binding (short of using the
lower level library directly)?

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Hi Glenn,

On Fri, 2008-11-21 at 13:05 -0500, Schmottlach, Glenn wrote:
> I'm new to DBus . . . what is the "dbind" wrapper you mentioned (i.e.
> where can I find more information about it)?

	Well ;-) it's un-finished, but small & light enough to cut &
paste, and
packed with power [ or something ].

	Either way - Mike Gorse is maintaining it now.



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