Including the originating PID in every message?

Schmottlach, Glenn glenn.schmottlach at
Mon Apr 20 05:40:46 PDT 2009

> btw, best-practice avoids the round trip in most cases, as follows:

Is there any chance these "best-practices" might be collected and
documented in a know place (e.g. another FAQ, D-Bus HOWTO, etc...). I
suspect such a collection might go a long way towards enabling new users
to use and write D-Bus services in the most effective (and intended)
manner. It certainly might improve the uniformity and consistency of
future services.

Perhaps this information has already been presented else where.
Unfortunately, I have only been able to discover these hidden gems by
trolling through the mailing list archives which takes quite a bit of
time and isn't particularly efficient. Of course someone would have to
write such a document - a task loathed by most developers even when it
might save them time later ;-)

Just a thought . . . 

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