Including the originating PID in every message?

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Somehow I knew you would say that ;-)

The reality, however, is that those folks who have tackled a language/framework binding (like you) or actually implemented the D-Bus reference implementation are probably in the best position to offer advice on how to do things correctly. You may choose to do this via the mailing list (which thankfully you've done) but I believe a collection of "best practice" recipes would be very useful. Since I'm still in the learning mode, I suspect the advice I could offer would be wrong, incorrect, or sub-optimal. This of course would diminish the usefulness.

Regardless, I am thankful that you, Havoc, and some of the other maintainers are as active in responding to questions and requests for help as you have been. I just thought a little more effort to create such a cookbook might reduce the number of questions (and repeated questions) you have to answer on a daily basis.


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Em Segunda-feira 20 Abril 2009, às 14:40:46, Schmottlach, Glenn escreveu:
> > btw, best-practice avoids the round trip in most cases, as follows:
> Is there any chance these "best-practices" might be collected and
> documented in a know place (e.g. another FAQ, D-Bus HOWTO, etc...)

Our website is a wiki, so... get started :-)

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