D-Bus best practices

Schmottlach, Glenn glenn.schmottlach at harman.com
Mon Apr 20 14:10:31 PDT 2009


> I don't know where I'd start.

Actually, I think what you detailed is a great top-level summary for
what should be in a best practices wiki/document. You mentioned several
items which I wondered about myself and never had a satisfactory answer.

Since no on really wants to spend the time to sit down and crank out
such a (potentially) lengthy document, an interim approach might be to
cherry-pick specific messages in the mailing list archives that address
these questions and provide a link to them (much like what Havoc has
done in several of his responses). These links could be categorized
under the topic headers. Again, this takes some time (hopefully much
less) and would at least point newbie's like me in the right direction
(or thread) to solve a problem. Searching the archives doesn't always
give you a good (or correct) answer. As time (and interest permits),
this collection of categorized links might grow to include some actual
recommendations beyond the link itself. I suspect people might even have
"favorite" responses they keep around for reference. If you find
yourself answering the same question every couple of months (and thank
you for doing so ;-), this might be a good candidate for inclusion into
the best practices list.

Again, I know everyone is busy solving real problems but it was just a
thought. I'm actually somewhat surprised one of the original developers,
maintainers, or language binding experts hasn't tried to capitalize on
their knowledge and write a book on D-Bus yet.

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