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Marc Mutz marc at kdab.net
Tue Apr 21 02:04:10 PDT 2009


I'd like to announce that we at KDAB are working on 'dbus4win', which we like 
to think of as a re-unification of the freedesktop.org GIT tree and the 
windbus.sf.net SVN tree. To this end, we already spent some time to graft the 
SVN tree onto the git tree (windbus-svn branch).

There are three areas we are currently focusing on:
1. cleaning up the SVN history (dbus4win branch)
   This is an attempt to rebase the remaining diff between the SVN tree and
   dbus-1.2 onto dbus-1.2, preserving the windbus history where possible.
2. Make dbus cross-compile with mingw (xcompile branch)
   This is needed for the gpg4win (www.gpg4win.org), and Kontact-on-Windows
   projects, as well as for all the reasons mentioned in
3. Implement the unix transport for Windows using the design already chosen
   for libassuan. This consists of writing plain text files with a nonce and
   the tcp port number of the server into the filesystem location where on
   Unix the Unix Domain Socket special file would go. Current windbus is not
   really usable for multiuser systems, though there was a patch recently
   trying to address that, but falling short of the full solution. There are
   certainly other ways to implement a per-user transport on Windows, but this
   design has proven itself in libassuan, an extremely security-conscious
   library (IPC lib for gnupg components).

Please note that all this is still work in progress. None of the three focus 
points are completed yet. In particular, the branches in the above repository 
are subject to regular rebasing (exceptions: dbus-1.2 and master, which track 
FD.org git), so don't git-pull, but git-fetch/git-rebase instead. Nonetheless 
we invite interested parties to review the patches, and FD.org dbus 
maintainers to pull from our for_upstream branch.

Find the tree at
Drop me a note if you'd like push access. You need a repo.or.cz account for 
that, though you can use the open mob account (http://repo.or.cz/mob) for 
fire-and-forget commits.

Our hope is that
- windbus developers consider using GIT from now on for easier patch migration
  and merging.
- freedesktop.org maintainers will consider Windows a first-class citizen once
  crosscompilation works
- world peace

To this end, KDAB is committed to doing its share in continually maintaining 
dbus on the Windows platform.

Signed-off-by: Till Adam <till at kdab.net> :)


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