[announce] dbus4win

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Apr 21 07:32:15 PDT 2009

My guess is that a Windows equivalent to Unix domain sockets would be
named pipes? (Should not be confused with Unix named pipes; Only the
name is the same.)

Unfortunately I have never coded anything with named pipes, so I can't
say how hard or easy it is to use them in software that otherwise is
loosely Unixish in style.

I agree with Havoc that dbus on Windows should not try to use Unix
concepts where it isn't natural.

But on the other hand I do see that it's better to get something that
works (by just "emulating" some Unix concept at the low level so that
upper levels can stay as they are) than to know roughly what should be
done, but never have the time to investigate a new and strange API...


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