[announce] dbus4win

Havoc Pennington havoc.pennington at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 11:37:07 PDT 2009

It would also be OK to do the different tcp discovery mechanisms as
alternative args to the tcp transport perhaps, so right now we have:


We could also allow:


or perhaps


The file-based one could even be completely cross-platform in libdbus,
though dbus-daemon would need some smarts to put the file in the right
place perhaps, and libdbus might need to be clever enough to default
to this address on windows.

The non-file ones would be done with a dbus-sysdeps call that took the
arg from the tcp address and returned host and port. On unix it would
always fail, on windows it would return a host and port if a bus
daemon were running.

Don't know, there are lots of workable options.


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