Status of dbus-python

Schmottlach, Glenn glenn.schmottlach at
Fri Aug 14 05:56:27 PDT 2009

> In practice, I'm pretty sure the Python runtime size totally dwarfs GObject.

You are correct . . . Python with all its libraries dwarfs GObject. Still, every bit counts on many embedded platform. I'm running my stuff under QNX (which doesn't come built with GLib/GObject) and (unstripped) weighs in at ~2MB while libgobject adds another ~718KB (unstripped). So, they're not tiny libraries and if I don't really need them then I'd rather not pull them in. Since I'm running QNX (and not Linux like everyone else in the world), it's not a non-trivial exercise to build GLib/GObject in this environment. The challenge only increases cross-compiling these libraries (and their dependencies).

> Plus, the GPL nature of GLib/GObject makes it difficult to use with proprietary applications. Linking it with the current D-Bus Python binding requires that any code that uses it to be open sourced.

> No, they're LGPL, which does not require code linking to them to be open
> source.

I stand corrected . . . it's easy to miss the 'L' in LGPL ;-)

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