Anonymous auth method is broken

Peter Würtz wuertz at
Sun Feb 1 22:00:37 PST 2009

Patch adapted to the latest dbus release -> works so far.

Since you asked for the application... I wrote a bunch of applications
and scripts for controlling an experiment, retrieving images from a CCD
and analyzing data. I'm using dbus to distribute events from the
experiment to my applications. For example, a process monitors an usb
device for TTL pulses and notifies the CCD application to collect new
data. Or a script analyzed some data and notifies another application
that there are new results available.
This worked really well so far and I have multiple apps communicating
via dbus on 3 machines in the lab. But recently, the need for a
notification from an applications on machine A to an application on
machine B arose.
So the easiest solution is to move all my apps from their session busses
to a new, common bus in the LAN.

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