New policy type to check client credentials?

Markku Savela msa at
Mon Feb 2 14:24:49 PST 2009

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Just posting to the list is fine. I think depending on bleeding-edge
> libraries and kernel patches is a problem for us; it would have to be
> optional in configure, and we would want to see some indication from
> the kernel developers and other people that they will be using the
> library and the kernel patches.

Ok, attached

dbus-patch-txt.gz, based on dbus-1.2.4 source from Ubuntu... should not 
be that different, at least the idea should become clear. I've made some 
attempt to patch the too, but it may not be as elegant as 
people would want... [this version has less testing, as I rewrote this 
patch recently].

libcreds1_1.0.tar.gz is the prototype credentials lib based on 
/proc/<pid>/status parsing (no kernel changes needed). Implementation 
does require libcap2 version... (also, needs all the automake tools to 
build, as I do not include any generated files -- only and
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