Managed D-Bus daemon release party \o/

Alp Toker alp at
Thu Feb 5 16:23:44 PST 2009

D-Bus hackers,

If you're in Brussels attending FOSDEM this weekend, be sure to hook
up for drinks at the Friday beer event where we'll be toasting some
milestones: The first successful run of the NDesk D-Bus(1) daemon, a
new and compatible ground-up server implementation capable of hosting
system and session buses tuned for performance and portability, and
the recent arrival of some documentation(2) for the high level API

There are ideas being thrown about on how to split the core protocol
and high level API, provide LINQ integration, improve authentication
mechanisms, broadcast messages over the network and idle speculation
about the shape and form of protocol version two-point-oh. All very
important stuff.

That is all.


the browser experts

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