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Chris Cole clecol at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 13:02:03 PST 2009

Hello all,
I'm new to the dbus realm, and I've been doing some reading around today 
to try and get up to speed, but I have a couple questions. First, I 
noticed that the dbus python bindings are really nice and that it's 
really easy to register/use dbus services from each side. The problem 
is, I'll need to register a service using C++ using the glib bindings. 
I've read some of the tutorials around, and all of them suggest using 
the dbus-binding-tool, but it appears broken to me. Is this still 
necessary to use this, or is there a more pythonic way of doing things 
in the glib bindings now? I'm running Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) if this 
helps...here's what I get with dbus-binding-tool against (attached) 

ccole at dell-desktop:~/dbus$ dbus-binding-tool --mode=glib_server  
--prefix=test_object test.xml --output=test.h
dbus-binding-tool [--version] [--help]
dbus-binding-tool --mode=[pretty|glib-server|glib-client] 
[--prefix=SYMBOL_PREFIX] [--ignore-unsupported] [--force] [--output=FILE] [
dbus-binding-tool --mode=glib-server --prefix=SYMBOL_PREFIX 
[--ignore-unsupported] [--force] [--output=FILE] [

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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