Missing dbus signals

Kaustubh Atrawalkar kaustubh.ra at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 22:09:17 PST 2009

I have been using dbus for IPC mechanism in our qemu-arm based system since
long time. But since last few days I have encountered a wired issue. Out of
10 dbus signal approximatly 1 signal gets lost. I keep running dbus-monitor
on one terminal. I even cannot see the signal on dbus-monitor. I have added
prints just before dbus_connection_send call. I can see these prints with
proper values of arguments being passed. So, as per logs i can see the dbus
signal message is being sent over the SYSTEM bus. But somehow its being
dropped at sometimes. The reporduciblity is 1 out of 10 thought.. Is there
any suspect? How can i go for debugging it?

- Kaustubh
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