dbus-send losing signals

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Mar 13 12:02:27 PDT 2009


I'm hoping to breathe some life into this issue again:

We see this *very often* on the OLPC OS based on Fedora 9
(dbus-1.2.1). I hate to make noise about old software, but Michael
Meeks indicated that this is still not fixed...

The result of this bug is that approximately 1 in every 25 network
connection attempts fail on the XO laptops. This is a lot, when you
consider how many laptops we're handing out and how many times they
will try to connect every day. Frustratingly, the connection actually
succeeds, but because the dbus signal indicating success does not get
delivered, NetworkManager bails out and decides that the network is

My workaround for the paraguayan deployment is using a hack provided
by Dan Winship which is a C program that sends the signal and then
sleeps 3 seconds before connection unref.

Is there any news on solving this issue? My time is limited but I'd be
prepared to test patches. I have written a script to cycle network
connections which reproduces the connection "failure" after a minute
or two.

It seems like a tricky issue; if there is no fix in sight, would it be
possible to modify dbus-send to print a stderr warning  ("your message
might get lost") when it is invoked in a way that might reproduce this
bug? I'd be happy to produce a quick patch for that... At the very
least it would help people avoid severe headaches due to this bug, and
it may even motivate someone to fix it ;)


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