tcp on remote machine

lluis gomez i bigorda lluisgomez at
Wed Mar 25 05:24:40 PDT 2009

hello list,

I have a server/client application i've developed working very well with 
d-bus (in the same machine).

Now I need the same app to run on different machines. What do you think 
is the best approach ::

1.- to use d-bus over tcp.
2.- to code some kind of socket wrapper on both sides to send receive 
message to/from the server.

i ask that cause I'm looking for some examples on tcp dbus comunication 
to remote machines and didn't found yet anything in that way ... also I 
read about some troubles on authentifications and stuff like that ...

I've allready connected the app thru tcp in the same machine, but the 
port seems closed for another machines in the same lan....
there is any examples/documentation on that topic?

thanks in advance,


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