per-user dbus

Ryan Lortie desrt at
Sun Nov 8 10:27:05 PST 2009


What was the last word on the idea of having a DBus daemon instance scoped
to the user instead of the session?  I have a use for this[1].

For those worried about an explosion in the number of processes running we
could offer a simple alternative: if your system never has more than one
session for a given user, then we make DBUS_BUS_SESSION == DBUS_BUS_USER.


I have an elaborate scheme for dconf whereby activating the user's second
dconf-writer on a session bus (ie: one is already running in a different
session) results in the first instance connecting to the second session bus
(ie: one dconf-writer instance connected to multiple session bus
instances).  This system *almost* works but dconf's use of DBus match rules
to "watch without activating" means that changes could be happening in one
session and not be signaled in the other (here they are being watched for)
merely because the second session doesn't know about the writer and the
writer doesn't know about the second session until a *write* occurs in that
session, causing the connection to be made.

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