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Jörg Barfurth Joerg.Barfurth at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 13 11:49:05 PST 2009

Colin Walters schrieb:
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Joerg Barfurth <Joerg.Barfurth at> wrote:
>> There are real desktop virt (thin client) systems (e.g. our Sun Ray) that
>> have the sessions on the server. It is quite easy to obtain more than one
>> graphical session that way.
> I thought the Sun Ray had portable sessions?  The "Hot Desk Mobility"
> at certainly makes it
> sound like it does.  Can you really get two login sessions on a Sun
> Ray setup?

Sun Ray sessions are identified by "tokens". A token can be a smartcard 
or an authenticated username (usually without smartcard). If one user 
uses multiple smartcards or uses card and cardless sessions, they get 
multiple sessions. I know of use cases where that is used to have 
multiple sessions for different purposes. Or cardless use may be a 
fallback, when you forgot the card elsewhere.

- Jörg

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